Gold Class Cinema Combines Fine Dining and Movies

You’re probably familiar with the dinner and a movie concept, a la Studio Movie Grill. It’s not a new idea, nor is it typically known as a luxe dining experience; pizza, nachos and and burgers being the normal fare, with a few salads and beer buckets thrown in. Not to mention the banquet-style seating at such venues, with rigid chairs in such close proximity to those behind you that it’s difficult to hear Angelina’s sultry monologue over the smacking and slurping. And hey, there’s no need to be picky. We can venture to other eateries if it’s fine food we’re after, or rent a flick if we want a comfortable movie viewing experience.

But what if you can have it both ways? Enter Gold Class Cinemas, an Australian import that makes movie-going like flying first class. Already a celeb favorite (see Nancy O’Dell of Access Hollywood, above), Gold Class is earning die-hard members left and right.  So what’s the deal? Before you head to the theater, purchase your tickets online and select your seat assignments (no more “Excuse me, could you scoot down one?”) The luxurious recliners come in pairs, equipped with spaces for shoes and purses and the capacity to stretch out until you’re practically lying down. Feeling exposed? The server will bring you a fuzzy blanket and pillow to snuggle up with once the movie begins.

Of course, you don’t want to get too comfortable until after dinner. The menu boasts lobster rolls, Wagyu beef burgers and a NY Strip Steak sandwich, along with an extensive wine menu and specialty cocktails (try the Red Apple Kiss.) If it’s sweet you’re looking for, toss the raisnets and go for the house made beignets or the death by chocolate.

The only drawback? The Dallas location is in Fairview, about 30 minutes from downtown.

Maybe you could take the jet over.

Gold Class Cinema, 321 Town Place, Fairview, 972.549.4200,