FAÇONNABLE: Fashion with a French Twist Joins the Galleria

The French do everything right. Cooking, kissing, styling hair…not to mention fashion. Which is why the appearance of a new Façonnable store inside the Galleria Mall is so exciting…or, in other words, très chic.

Born in the place where dreams are made, the rue de Paradis in Nice, France, this boutique was the brainchild of Jean Goldberg in 1950. Named after the verb “façonner,” which literally means “to fashion,” the founder yearned to craft quality, luxury pieces that not only suited globe trotters visiting the region but also A-listers attending evening showings at the Cannes Film Festival. Since the inception, Façonnable has spread to France, Belgium, Portugal and beyond, garnering a slew of boutiques worldwide (only nine in the US), not to mention the line’s appearance in Nordstoms and Saks.

The newest: the Galleria in Dallas (along with one in Aventura, Florida and Cherry Creek Shopping Center, Colorado),  a stand-alone boutique that opened last week much to the pleasure of frequent shoppers. The 3,000 sq. ft. space is inspired by the Riviera itself, a playground for the ultra hip. The fashions for both men and women are fine, tailored pieces, the fall collection full of  simple and gorgeous blouses, pants and jackets made from wool, tweed, cotton and silk. Think Banana Republic meets Lord and Taylor: understated, sexy, sophisticated. Plus the excellent sportswear and accessories. If you’re having buyer’s apprehension for sampling a new boutique, go straight for the Façonnable pant. The cut is easy and timeless, and you can add any pattern into the folds of your everyday wardrobe.

Façonnable, inside the Galleria, 972.239.7222, www.faconnable.com