Amosu Debuts Gold and Diamond Studded iPhone 4 Cases

Anyone can buy an iPhone 4, but only the best can buy gold and diamond studded version of this Apple product. Though Amosu has yet to release their much anticipated signature diamond studded iPhone 4, they have released a line of new iPhone 4 accessories.

The company announced the release of their special edition iPhone 4 cases. The cases come in a variety of personalized colors and are crafted from the skin of crocodiles and pythons. Customers can choose to add additional personalization to the cases by including their own unique gold and diamond embellishments. What better way to imprint your name or company logo on a phone case than to have it bedazzled in diamonds? 

Amosu Luxury Ltd is known for their exclusive, opulent, and limited edition mobile phones customized with a personal touch. They combine the ultimate luxurious materials with the latest technologies to create unique and individualized products. Each product is handcrafted to the customers liking, including the color and decoration of the merchandise. They work with the iPhone, Blackberry, and iPod as well as with Cannon cameras and all related cases. Beyond their products, they also provide their Bespoke service which aims to obtain any phone number of their client’s liking. Clients of Amosu include such celebrities as 50 Cent, Richard Branson, Rihanna, and Alicia Keys.

The Amosu iPhone 4 cases start at $935 and are available for complete personalization. Amosu has locations in Monaco,  Lagos, Dubai, London, and Manchester. For purchase in the United States, visit their website at