The World’s Most Expensive Car Wash?: £7,200

Many of us should have car washing on our resumes. Aged 10 it was the quickest way to get the extra pocket money to buy whatever candy was flavor of the month.

These days however it seems you can a charge a little more than the 50p that parents had to fork out in the eighties. £7,200 extra to be exact.

Working out of his parents’ garage which has been converted into a hi-tech workshop, Gurcharn Sahota, 30, takes a month to clean each vehicle with up to 100 different cleaning fluids and wax that costs £8,200 per tub.

He even uses a computerized microscope, normally used by forensic scientists, to examine the bodywork for the minutest scratch not even visible to the naked eye.

Mr. Sahota, who drives a clapped-out VW Golf himself, started the business five years ago by washing his neighbor’s cars with a bucket and sponge. He has since cleaned hundreds of supercars and now boasts a string of celebrity clients including footballers, actors and musicians who have flown him all over the world to clean their grimy motors.

Nearly all of the cars that get the special treatment are supercars and since starting out, Gurcharn has hundreds Lamborghinis, Ferraris and Porsches. Gurcharn says: “If you’re spending £150,000 on a car, you want it to be perfect. The cars I clean are world class motors that deserve a world class wash.”

His proudest moment cleaning the world’s most expensive car – the McLaren F1 GTR worth up to £3 million. He said: ”The McLaren F1 GTR is without doubt my favorite car. It is so exclusive you hardly see any of them on the roads.

Asking Gurcharn of his special tips when started to clean a supercar he explains that every wash starts with buckets of soapy water and a cloth. Proof that the simplest of moneymaking skills are often the most profitable.