Tara Tonini’s Sky Girls Line Debuts at a Swanky Belmont Pool Party

Imagine James Bond on an airplane. Not the Daniel Craig, blah blah yogurt-face Bond, but the classic, 1960’s spy flicks. More importantly, imagine the super hot stewardess pouring Bond his shaken-not-stirred martini. Imagine the slick, formfitting, day-glo uniform this vixen is wearing as she flirts coyly with the secret agent. Don’t worry if you can’t completely wrap your mind around the image: Tara Tonini is on it. Way, way on it.

At the Belmont Hotel Wednesday evening Ms. Tonini (aka “Tara to the T”) debuted her fashion line “Sky Girls,” a throwback to the glory days of the airline stewardess (flight attendant to those of us presently moving about the cabin.) Attendees were mostly avid fans already of Tonini’s line, dangling their legs in the pool and listening to some swinging motown and doo-wop tracks. Retro it may be, but make no mistake: there is no consignment here, no tired, used material. Tonini’s designs are fresh and modern, a cohesive, brilliant concept risen out of the ashes of yesteryear and given a brand spankin’ new scene. If you can’t jump right into the mod-ness of the Sky Girls dresses, use the remainder of the summer to give one of her swimsuits a try-on. The silhouettes are similar to the era Tonini draws from, but the high waist and halter tops are so very vintage-chic, not to mention they are bound to flatter any body shape.

Bonus: Tonini’s hair accessory and jewelry line. Hip and romantic, the giant feathers she frequently uses make any item a fashion centerpiece. My favorite: the peacock headband (see photo below.)

For more info, visit www.taratonini.com