Sugar, Spice and a Billboard Heist

At the core of Erika Jayne’s disco ball are music, pleasure, and luxury, which are what make her Haute Living’s kind of girl. Jayne is reminiscent of Madonna circa Studio 54. This Atlanta-bred, L.A.-based dancing queen is the stuff of fantasies, but don’t allow her blonde locks, fur coats opening to Catwoman-esque leotards, and Louis Vuitton L’âme du Voyage in tow lead you to think of her of as just dance-pop confection.

Of sugar and spice Erika Jayne is, but talentless she is not. Her latest single “Pretty Mess” was No. 1 on Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Songs chart this summer. She hit the same high back in 2007 with “Rollercoaster,” followed by repeat successes with “Stars” and “Give You Everything” in successive years. She joins the likes of Rihanna and the Pussycat Dolls with four hits at the top; since launching in 1976, only 13 acts have taken their first four hits to No. 1 on the Billboard charts. Conquering such a feat and surpassing leading sensations such as Lady Gaga on the dance charts, Jayne’s fearless and fun attitude is entrancing the globe by musical seduction.

Taking her bad habits on a sexy little trip, Jayne has become a worldwide presence and is currently finishing up her nightclub circuit in Miami. Born to a mother who was a classical pianist, Jayne grew up in the MTV generation, and developed from a ballet dancer and classically-trained opera singer into a club-going temptress. Now a reformed party girl, Jayne is evermore a vixen, comfortable in her porcelain skin, tiara, thigh-high vinyl boots and all. Like her fellow striking performer Lady Gaga, Jayne too is a strong advocate for human rights.

With her music, much of which she writes herself, fashion edge, and veracity, Jayne is showing the world that life colors outside the lines of black and white.

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