Macanudo Cigars Offers The Chance To Win $2,000,000

America’s number one premium cigar brand, Macanudo, has released a quartet pack of cigars for a special collection. Better yet, Macanudo has teamed up with Playboy to give you the chance to win an all expenses paid three day/two night vacation to Las Vegas with the opportunity to win $2,000,000. The winners will also be treated to a VIP evening at the Playboy club accompanied by three playmates. Here is your chance to be Hugh Hefner for the night. This offer comes with the purchase of the Macanudo quartet pack.

The four different brands that come in the pack are suited for people with different and acquired tastes for luxury cigars. There’s the Macanudo Cafe, which was introduced in 1971. Considered a consumer favorite, it is handcrafted from a flavorful blend that goes down smooth. The Macanudo Robust balances strength and flavor quite nicely with a medium-bodied smoke and a light finish. The Macanudo Gold Label is elegant and luxurious with a sweet tasting undertone that isn’t found in any other cigar. It’s silky, chic, and light for those who require a lighter taste. The Macanudo Maduro is handcrafted in the Dominican Republic with a lingering and rich flavor. It’s a mild-to-medium form of cigar. All four of these cigars have a rating of 90 or above from Cigar Aficionado and the Cigar Insider.

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