Keeping Summer Alive: A “Natural” Tan Without the Sun

spray di sole

One of the hazards of living in (or near) Hollywood is trying to separate the so-called “secrets of the stars” which are secrets only because the stars have never heard of them, and the real secrets that stars call on to keep them looking, feeling, and living great.

Spray di Sole is one of the latter. Set in a nondescript office on Studio City’s Ventura Boulevard, there’s nothing glamorous about its address. But that’s just the appeal to stars like Sly Stallone, LeAnn Rimes, Mark McGrath, Jennie Garth, Alyssa Milano, Sharon Stone and even Fergie, who have called on Spray di Sole to get a great tan without attracting paparazzi attention.


Location, though, is only a small part of Spray di Sole’s appeal. Owner Svetlana Feller’s proprietary formula is all natural—unlike other tanning solutions, it has no alcohol, paraben, oils, perfumes or preservatives. The DHA (tanning agent) comes from sugar beet and cane sources, combined with organic aloe vera, organic jojoba, organic green and red teas, organic coffee, vitamin E and panthenol.

spray di sole

Personal attention is another plus. I visited the salon on a recent weekday and got sprayed by Svetlana’s assistant Robyn (above), who took her time making sure my spray went on evenly and was fully dry before I dressed again. I’m impossibly pale, but afterward, I had a healthier glow than I’ve gotten from a week in Hawaii. Nevertheless, I’m sparing you, and instead showing before/after shots of Robyn’s sister, who got sprayed days before me.

Spray di Sole also offers a line of cosmetics and after-tan skin care… and the process is also available to select licensees elsewhere. Here in LA, you can go to the salon or have them come to you!

Spray Di Sole is located at 12240 Ventura Boulevard Suite 102, Studio City, 818.454.4517