Haute Voice: Kelli Scarr at Hollywood’s Hotel Café

singer Kelli Scarr

There aren’t many young singers these days that make a strong impression, and certainly few I’d want to endorse without reservation. But one new voice emerging from the indie world seems like she has the goods to break big. With different moods that recall anyone from Mazzy Star’s Hope Sandoval to Loretta Lynn, Bjork, or Sheryl Crow, Kelli Scarr has a seductive sound that draws you in and won’t let you go.

Somehow, Scarr’s songs manage to sound sensitive and introspective but not precious. Her lyrics reflect a wandering spirit yearning for wisdom.

Tomorrow, July 24, she performs at the intimate attitude-free Hotel Café in Hollywood, a perfect setting for her soft, personal songs (the CD is officially released on the 27th). Not only are there likely to be many industry contacts and collaborators in the audience, but it seems safe to say this may be the first and last time she’ll play in such a small space in Los Angeles. Pass through the doors into the darkened, unfussy space, and you’ll quickly forget you’re in the middle of Hollywood’s hottest club district.

Born in Monterey and raised in Fulsom, California, Scarr cut her teeth with the Brooklyn-by-way-of-Boston band Moonraker, before doing some soundtrack work and then landing with Moby on a worldwide tour last year, playing keyboards, singing harmonies, and eventually opening the shows by herself. As it happens, she was already in the process of an extended two and half years recording her new album “Piece.”

Hotel Café is located at 1623 North Cahuenga Boulevard, 323.461.2040