Haute Treats: Yogli Mogli Storms Atlanta

One thing Atlanta has lacked in the past is a good place to get frozen yogurt. Finally, we are getting some choices. But my favorite stop for nutrition fro-yo happens to be Yogli Mogli. I think it is the self-serve concept that I love. You get to design your own delicious snack…with as much or as little accouterments as you please.

With two location in the Atlanta area (one in Sandy Springs and one in East Cobb), Yogli Mogli is about to open three new shops. They will be located in Emory Village (for those who don’t venture OTP), Suwannee and in Alpharetta. And according to my reliable sources, we can expect to see 20 more locations up and running by 2011.

There are over 40 toppings and over 16 flavors to choose from, so you pretty much have carte blanche. Take the flavor (or flavors) you want, such as French Vanilla, Original Tart or Island Banana, and then start the loading.

Prices go by the weight so pack on as much or as little as you would like. If mangos, peaches and walnuts are your thing, go right ahead. There is no limit.

For more information on Yogli Mogli and to find the location nearest you, visit www.yoglimogli.com.