Haute Performance: Shen Yun at Dorothy Chandler

Shen Yun Performing Arts

With all the discussion of China’s booming Industrial and technological forward leaps, it’s easy to forget the country has centuries of fascinating culture. But the Shen Yun Performing Arts troupe has not forgotten.

Shen Yun, using cast members numbering in the dozens, calls on thousands of years of music, dance and story traditions to celebrate in dazzling style the heritage of China. Included are handkerchief dances, drum dances, dragon dances, fan dances. “Kindness, compassion and courage” are the themes brought out in their songs, sung in traditional dialects but translated into English. Some of their pieces reflect their beliefs in the Falun Gong religion, though this does not detract from the artistry within, most critics feel.

They’ve toured internationally since 2006, performing at London’s Royal Festival Hall, Washington DC’s Kennedy Center, New York’s Radio City Music Hall and Paris’ Le Palais de Congres. Now, their return to LA’s Dorothy Chandler Pavillion this July 8-11 will continue their streak of acclaim.

Critical reviews include:

“A heady blend of the ancient and modern” –San Francisco Chronicle

“Extraordinary costumes and vigorous physicality” –Denver Post

“This is what they mean when they use the word ‘entertainment’” –Brooklyn View

“Everything is one long splash of color and movement — as if the dancers, drummers and vocalists had waited centuries to break out in song. And in a way, they have.” –Philadelphia City Paper

“These beautiful, gifted people are expressing something that’s both pure and good.”

–Philadelphia Weekly

Read more about Shen Yun Performing Arts here.

Dorothy Chandler Pavillion is located at 135 North Grand Avenue, 213.972.7211