Bodyrock Sport’s Trenta Bra Released

Wearing basic exercise gear is so passé. Why work out in anything less than the best?  For the woman who needs more than just basic support, there is Trenta Bra from BodyRock Sport. Desginer Kelly Dooley teamed up with Knight and Hammer jewelry designer Joseph Knight to create this one of a kind masterpiece.

Priced at $1,850, this bra is more than your basic unmentionables. The Trenta Bra is a black spandex creation accented with gunmetal burnout fabric on the sides. This allows for ventilation and an extra dash of style. Surrounding the neckline are imbedded Black Diamond Swarovski crystals for added luxury. There is even a convenient pocket in the back to hold accessories such as a key or driver’s license and credit card.

What makes this bra especially unique are the attached Knight and Hammer trinkets. The jewelry can be worn as either a separate bracelet and necklace set or attached together to form one long bauble. A variety of charms, including gothic crosses and skulls dangle from the piece.

BodyRock Sport, which has a variety of upscale workout gear for women has really stepped up their game with this design. It is not only chic and modern, but definitely caters to the Haute Living crowd. Kelly’s various collections aim to inspire and motivate woman with such playful names as “Show ‘em Off” and “Lock ‘em Down”. She doesn’t believe that women should have to sacrifice fashion for fitness and with this collection, you definitely don’t. To purchase your Trenta Bra by BodyRock Sport, visit