Time to Be Victorious for Rafael Nadal

“I’m back,” is what Rafael Nadal told ESPN after winning the 2010 French Open.

The Spaniard wiped tears of joy from his eyes with his red towel in an emotional display, and he is indeed back. Nadal is no stranger to the top, and hasn’t always resided in the glorious position of No. 1 in the world of tennis.

“I lost last year because I was not well-prepared, and I had very low moral last year, as well,” Nadal said to ESPN.

This is the fifth French Open in which Nadal has topped all others, and this year he has returned to the No. 1 spot among all tennis players. For the duration of the French Open, Nadal, a Richard Mille ambassador, sported the Richard Mille RM 027, a new tourbillon timepiece. According to the site, this timepiece is a manual winding devise weighing barely 18 grams with the strap included. Composed of a lithium content allow known as LITAL alloy, originating from the aerospace industry, this timepiece is a no burden to its wearer.

“When I first produced tourbillons with titanium and ALUSIC cases and carbon bases plates, I was fighting against perceived value. A titanium watch could not be a luxurious timepiece as it did not weigh enough. However mentalities rapidly changed and gradually with time amateurs soon appreciated my watches for their extreme lightness associated with the best technology,” said Richard Mille on his site.

Titanium and LITAL alloy are what make up the movement base plate of the RM 027, the timepiece Nadal wore during the French Open. The combinations of elements that complement the lithium, contribute to the surprisingly low density of this luxury timepiece, making a perfect device that is light and built for strength, embracing Nadal’s style.