School’s Out: The Haute 5 Graduation Gifts in Dubai

Pondering over what to gift your child or sibling for graduation? Get them something original and unique, a rare timepiece which will become a beautiful memory forever. The following luxury items are not only stunningly beautiful pieces of creation, most are one of a kind limited-edition items that are only temporarily on the market and will prove to be collector’s pieces in years to come.

LG Watch Phone with Touch Screen

For iphone addicts this couldn’t be a better present. The LG-GD910 is a quad-band 3G phone complete with a touch screen and a video conferencing option. The phone is styled as watch but has the abilities of a telephone including SMS, bluetooth headset, text-to speech, voice recognition features, and built-in speaker. The UAE was one of the first markets to introduce the phone to the general public after France where it made its debut. Priced at around 4,500 AED. LG Dubai +971 4 3573 466

Dior Briefcase

This handsome Dior briefcase made of Python leather will last for years and will age beautifully. The perfect gift for one just beginning to enter the workforce. The briefcase is available in beige as well. Find it at the Dior boutique in the Dubai Mall +971 4 330 8739

Leica M7 Edition Hermes

Leica and Hermes have paired up to create the luxurious Leica M7 Edition Hermes Camera. Jean-Louis Dumas, the head of the family which owns Hermes, is known to always carry an old Leica camera wherever he goes.  You can now buy the Leica Hermes camera in signature Hermes orange or chocolate brown. Only 100 of each will be made. Find it at Salam located in Wafi Shopping Mall. +971 4 704 8484

Cartier Baignoire Watch

Originally launched in the 1920s, the Cartier Baignoire watch is still as fashionable as before. The watch is elegant and refined and expresses a soft and poetic approach towards time. Made of quartz, pink gold, and diamonds, the Cartier Baignore is a keepsake and will stand the test of time for many years. Find it at the Cartier Boutique in the Dubai Mall +971 4 434 0434

Omega Watch

The Omega watch is a classic and was once worn by President John F. Kennedy on his inauguration day on January 20, 1961. It is now available on reissue in just a limited number of pieces. You will have this watch forever and even better, it carries with it a story. Find it at Omega in the Mall of the Emirates +971 4 341 4452