Haute Dining SF: Tadich Grill, A Delicious Tradition

Tadich Grill is the longest running restaurant in San Francisco and one of the oldest businesses in California. Established in 1849, the bistro was originally The New World Coffee Stand during the days of the California gold rush. Now functioning as a seafood restaurant for the financial district elite, this is a must-try location for any San Franciscan.

The interior of the restaurant is encircled around a large mahogany bar and exposed kitchen. Sprinkled around the back side are a variety of tables covered in white linens and placed along a wooden wall, lined with mirrors. Private booths are also available, which allow for quiet and intimate dining.  The waiters dash around in formal white-suited garb. They are extremely friendly and quick to accommodate requests.

The menu is a bevy of seafood. They break down their entrees into separate categories for pan-fried, charcoal broiled, sautéed, poached, deep-fried, and baked casserole dishes. It is so vast and interesting it was hard for me to pick just one dish. For appetizers, I tried the fried calamari and the Dungeness crab cake. While the crab cake was satisfying, the fried calamari is the star. They were lightly fried to perfection and were easily the best I have ever tasted.

For an entrée, I choose the pan-fried pacific red snapper with sautéed crab and tartar sauce. It was accompanied by a side of vegetables and steak fries. There was a bit too much tartar sauce for my taste, so I should have asked for it on the side, but the food was extremely satisfying. Just a squeeze of lemon on the fish brought it to perfection. The proportions are more than sufficient. I didn’t even come close to finishing my dish.

Considering the restaurant industry is by far the most difficult venture to conquer, it’s very impressive that such a long standing establishment is still so popular with the corporate crowd today. Not that this restaurant needs any addition accolades from this little reporter, but I will definitely return to try some more delectable seafood.

Tadich Grill is located at 240 California St., San Francisco. For reservations call 415.391.1849.