Glenfiddich Tasting Notes at The Mandarin Oriental NYC

Thursday June 17th,  2010 Spirits experts and tasters enjoyed a Glenfiddich tasting at the Mandarin Oriental’s Lotus Room. Caspar MacRae, Director of Scotches for William Grant & Sons, Glenfiddich Ambassadors Heather Greene and Freddy May presented each bottle with an eloquent introduction. Paired with a four course tasting menu from the Mandarin Oriental, the luncheon was most certainly one for the records. We have included tasting notes for your consumer pleasure.

Glenfiddich 50 Year Old

Beginning with the grande finale at the forefront, the prestigious and coveted Glenfiddich 50 year old is liquid gold, in more ways than one. One of the most sought-after and most awarded Single Malt Whisky, is extremely rare. The last bottle was auctioned for $38,000 and only a few others released privately. Due to Haute Living insider knowledge you can still get your hands on one in the Mandarin Oriental’s Glenfiddich Getaway.

When the glasses were poured, an enchanting and intoxicating vibrancy spread across the room…

Color: Glenfiddich 50 Year Old is pale gold.
Nose: The nose is beautifully harmonious with an uplifting, vibrant and complex aroma. Delicate floral notes (rose petals and violets) are intriguingly intertwined with green tobacco leaf and oak and just a faint hint of smoke.
Taste: The taste is initially very sweet with a zesty orange marmalade and vanilla toffee, which then cascades through a wonderful series of layers: aromatic herbs, floral and soft fruits, silky oak tannin and hints of gentle smoke.
Finish: The finish is exceptionally long with a touch of dry oak and the merest trace of peat.

Glenfiddich 15 Year Old

The Mandarin paired this young complex spirit with Roasted Forest Mushrooms, Farro Rissotto and Sherry. I highly recommend this dish when enjoying the Glenfiddich 15 year old. The spirit is available at The Mandarin’s award winning restaurant Asiate. A great affordable choice, from $38 to $46 depending on your purveyor, lending itself from casual sipping to formal dining.

Nose: Intriguingly complex aroma with sweet heather honey and vanilla fudge combined with rich dark fruits
Taste: Silky smooth, revealing layers sherry oak, marzipan, cinnamon and ginger. Full bodied and bursting with flavour. The finish is satisfyingly rich with lingering sweetness

Glenfiddich 21 Year Old

The Glenfiddich 21 Year Old is a definite conversation starter. It completes its maturation process in casks that previously held Cuban rum from Sancti Spiritus near the Sierra Del Escambray, deep in the heart of Cuba. Priced at around $100 it’s a sure fire way to make friends at the party.

Nose: Intense and vanilla sweet, floral, hints of banana, figs, rich toffee, new leather and oak
Taste: Initially soft, then brisk, vibrant and drying, peppery, a touch of smoke, oak, lime, ginger and spices. The finish is very long, warming, dry and spicy

Glenfiddich 30 Year Old

Time permeates everything we do at Glenfiddich. To us, it is a precious commodity, not something to be underestimated. William Grant appreciated that the mark of a great distiller is one who understands the slow but inexorable rewards of time – and this appreciation is still very much a part of life today. Whisky is not something that can be hurried,” said Brian Kinsman, one of two Glenfiddich Malt Masters who personally attended the Glenfiddich 30 Year Old. This year marked new packaging which is a stunning affordable luxury gift at $349.

Color: Glenfiddich 30 Year Old is rich bronze
Nose: The nose is finely balanced nose, with substantial oakiness matched by fruit and luscious sherry notes
Taste: The taste is complex and seductively woody, emphasised by a floral sweetness
Finish: The finish is exceedingly long, honeyed and warm

Glenfiddich 40 Year Old

Peter Gordon, the current Chairman, fifth generation descendant of the distillery’s founder and great-great-grandson of William Grant, commented “At Glenfiddich we pride ourselves on our pioneering spirit and exacting standards. The Glenfiddich 40 Year Old is truly testament to this and to our aim to produce the ‘best dram in the valley’.

This year marked the 6th release of Glenfiddich 40 Year Old. Only 600 bottles available worldwide, at $2,799 per bottle it is a coveted spirit of remarkable quality and is extremely well suited for the power player’s cocktail hour.

Color: Glenfiddich 40 Year Old is dark mahogany.
Nose: The nose is beautifully rich and aromatic with layer upon layer of dried fruits, dark chocolate, roasted coffee and ripe black cherries. Occasional wafts of gentle wood smoke, polished leather and cloves.
Taste: The taste is silky smooth and luxuriously mouth coating. The initial flavours are intense dried fruits, Christmas cake, dates, raisins and stewed apples. Over time slightly dryish oak notes appear with some bitter chocolate and just the merest hint of peat.
Finish: The finish is incredibly long lasting and complex – a truly memorable experience.

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