HL Wine of the Month Club… it’s Masi Costasera Amarone for May!

Red wine lovers rejoice, this summer it’s not all about white. Masi’s Costasera Amarone is the perfect choice for May.

If Amarone is Masi’s specialty, and Costasera is a high quality Amarone then Masi’s Costasera Amarone is liquid luxury. Expressing majesty and complexity to the nth degree, it’s the perfect wine to bring to a party, dining al fresco on the rooftop or sipping at a local cafe. Sophisticated for the wine-knowledgeable, palatable and versatile to pair with any menu, and drinkable for all to enjoy, Masi’s Costasera Amarone is a winner.

Wine : Masi’s Costasera Amarone

Price : Midrage (approx $70.00).

Body : Full

Where to Purchase (call ahead to confirm):

Michael Aaron, Chairman of Sherry Lehmann, *photo courtesy of NY Times.com*

Dining out:

  • Craft 43 East 19th Street NYC (212) 780-0880
  • Babbo 110 Waverly Place NYC (212) 777-0303
  • Scarpetta 355 West 14th Street (212) 691-0555

Dishes to pair with at home :

o        Wine & Cheese – A traditional partner for Masi’s Costasera Amarone is full-flavored cheese, such as parmesan, pecorino romano or Grana Padana, an aged cheese from the Verona area – perfect for a wine and cheese party when entertaining a few friends at home.

o        BBQ – After you have some wine and cheese with company, since the weather is starting to warm up, BBQ season is here.  This wine pairs perfectly with grilled or roasted red meats, game and quail

o        Or if all else fails, and/or you’re craving a traditional Italian meal, you can’t go wrong with Osso Bucco – Italian through and through, and the flavors of the wine complement the meal perfectly. Great Recipe: Epicurious
For more Information and History about Masi Check out http://www.masi.it/