Hearing Good Vibrations From DW Collection

The way in which music is delivered to your ears can make or break a song, and Art.Suono, a musical enhancement system from the DW Collection, is here to make sure that task is tended to with ultimate perfection.

“30 years in development by some of the greatest musicians,” Art.Suono is the second in the DW Collection, and has already garnered the Good Design Award from The Chicago Athenaeum and The European Consortium, as well as a Design & Design award from Paris. This limited edition offering from the DWC is the only two-way wireless music enhancing transmission system on the market today. Providing inputs for computer audio, CD players, MP3s, satellite radios, and an iPod dock, Art.Suono enables you to play music wirelessly across any room.

Compatible with all computers, and portable with laptops, Art.Suono combines technology with enjoyment. Using DWC-Aphex Audio Enhancement Circuitry, the record industry’s finest, and DWC-Wireless with Zero-Drop Technology, Art.Suono brings music back to life. Art.Suono enhances bit rate reduced sources, improves detail and imaging, restores natural brightness and subtle nuances, increases presence and clarity, improves overall dimensionality, and provides a deeper and more resonant bass.

Beyond being practical and effective, Art.Suono is a high profile, luxury lifestyle product with elegant design. Like the flagship DWC Ferrari Art.Engine home audio system, the Art.Suono is an innovative audio instrument of machined aluminum and carbon fiber. Its volume knob is a half-pound of aluminum and incorporates a Formula One-style roller bearing to ensure exacting standards of performance.

From assembling Ferrari race engines to making the world sound better, David Wiener, his partners, and the DW Collection are bringing absolute authenticity and quality to entertainment, furnishings and fashion.

No matter what preferred musical styling you choose to blast across the office, (need not worry about your associates, they’re only securing multi-million dollar agreements,) or to belt out the words to in the comfort of your home, (what wife?), Art.Suono will help you judge what songs you want on your playlist without letting poor sound transmission decide for you. With Art.Suono from DW Collection, we hear the future of music, and it’s coming in loud and clear.

For more information, check out the DW Collection online.