Haute Timepieces: Rebellion T-1000 Watch

There is no doubt that the name of Rebellion’s newest flagship “T-1000” model holds a double meaning. While “T-1000” clearly refers to the watch’s intense volume of power reserve for the mechanical movement, it is also the name given to the villainous liquid metal android from the future in the 1991 movie Terminator 2.  And while almost 20 years has passed since the iconic film left theaters, many fans recall the delight of the movie’s ability to render the transformative robot from the apocalyptic future. Rebellion hopes that watch lovers of all types will have a similar impressive and lasting response to the T-1000 timepiece.

Completely designed around a new movement, the watchcase acts like a cage for the beast within. Coupled with a total of six massive mainspring barrels, the REB T-1000 movement has an incredible power reserve of 1000 hours, or about 42 days—quite possibly the longest power reserve of any manually wound mechanical watch available. The movement features a novel power distribution system that in part relies on a system of bicycle-like chains on either side of the movement, which are connected to the mainspring barrels. The T-1000 draws power from each of the mainspring barrels in series, to ensure an optimal and consistent level of power going from the springs to the movement. This feature is essential, as springs deliver varying levels of power depending on how tightly they are wound. Winding the movement is done via the large crown combined with an actual prop shaft inside the watch that winds each barrel at the same time. Just looking at the shape of the watchcase gives one an idea of the complexity within.

Rebellion uses a difficult to make, odd shaped sapphire crystal over the entire movement that is contained within the almost 47-mm wide titanium case. The movement is available in either a black or blue tone, and is formed from aluminum. An interesting design element is the diagonally inclined escapement, which is proudly displayed in the foreground of the open dial. Rebellion teamed up with renowned movement designer Eric Giroud to produce the artistic and sophisticated REB T-1000 movement.

Popular among watches of this ilk in today’s luxury watch market, the Rebellion T-1000 displays the time on two vertically mounted rolling cylinders with numerals printed on. Red colored hands point to the proper time, with it being just past 9:30 on the watch you see here. The watch crown does not pull out, but rather uses a button operated clutch system to switch between winding and time adjusting modes. The REB T-1000 is a timepiece where you should revel in the machinery to overcome the novelty of its looks and use.  Priced at $105,000 and limited to just 100 pieces. www.rebellion-timepieces.com.

  1. Inclined balance wheel escapement
  2. Crown with button to switch between wind/set
  3. Almost 47-mm wide titanium case with mostly aluminum movement inside
  4. Alligator strap with complex micro adjust (for wearing comfort) buckle
  5. Three barrels on each side of movement for 1000 hours of power reserve

Ariel Adams is the Haute Living Watch Editor and also publishes the luxury watch review site aBlogtoRead.com.