Cassandria Blackmore Opens San Francisco Studio

Born with severe dyslexia, world-renowned artist Cassandria Blackmore transformed her disability into a tool she has utilized for several years, developing a style all her own in which she essentially paints backwards, even her signature is backwards. Her distinct use of glass as canvass and her ability to think outside of the typical modes of painting and creating art, she has established herself as a premier artist and has been recognized with various awards.

In celebration of her return to the Bay Area, guests were invited to visit her storefront studio at 1906 Fillmore Street, where Blackmore hopes to engage the public in her work. Attendees entered the studio, where lifeless white walls were brought to life by the inspirational creations that have made Cassandria Blackmore so relevant and enjoyed cocktails as well as the opportunity to converse with the artist herself.

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