A Well-kept Dubai Secret: The Jumeirah Garden Hotel

Hidden in Jumeirah is one of Dubai’s best kept secrets: a boutique hotel that is so exclusive that it only has 10 rooms, a celebrity chef that caters to the needs of a select few each night, and so chic that it could be found in Paris or London. The Jumeirah Garden Hotel is the city’s first boutique hotel. It opened last November, though it never celebrated a fancy launch party and has never advertised. Nonetheless, the hotel is fully booked night after night.

The hotel’s strategy: Word of mouth. Whispers about the friendly and luxurious atmosphere have traveled fast and have proved the Jumeirah Garden Hotel very well. Guests return for the beautiful rooms, personalized service, and friendly atmosphere. But the real cherry on the cake for this unpretentious hotel is the chef. UK celebrity chef Andy Campbell has served the likes of Jude Law, Chris Evans, Michael Cain, and Guy Ritchie and has appeared on numerous TV food programs in the UK.

Campbell is the only chef in Dubai to cook each night for a few hand-picked diners. He is known to come out of the kitchen and talk casually with guests before serving his bespoke menus. It is certainly not easy to get a table for dinner. Chef Campbell and owner of hotel, Paul Gidley want to ensure a friendly and positive crowd; one which will most likely interact with each other sharing various things in common. The meal is never rushed which provides for atmosphere and overall enjoyment of the cuisine.

The prices are surprisingly low for such an exclusive hotel and restaurant. Room rates range from 450 AED with breakfast not including the Garden Majlis which costs 550 AED. Where can you find such luxury and service at such an affordable rate, especially in Dubai? Now that the secret is out, you should check this bed and breakfast out.