Your Own Personal Spot to Man-scape

In our current metrosexual society, men are spending just as much time in front of a mirror primping and peacocking as their pampered partners. Similar to the idea that you are never supposed to ask a woman to share her beauty secrets, a man never wants to be caught keeping himself clean shaven. So here’s a spot for the men to..stay manly.

The Men’s Atelier, at the Elysian Hotel is your new secret weapon in the male beauty regime. A private spa for only the truest of gentlemen, the Atelier offers an exclusive monthly barber membership and spa concierge. The Elysian aims to perform all your necessary spa treatments in the manliest way possible and in a private-no girly chit-chat salon.

Services offered include fitness, manicure and pedicures, a traditional shave with exfoliants and head massage, and masculine facial treatments.

The Elysian, designed by  architect Lucien Lagrange sets the mood in posh European-style with terraces, fireplaces, and a dedicated staff of butlers, chauffeurs and personal shoppers to meet your every need. As your own little oasis away from the women, your private treatment room comes equipped with a supply of hot towels, leather chair, and personal flat screen TV. And what better way to clear your head from a long day at the office, the tanking stock prices, and the Cubs epic fail than with a massage in peace?