Top 5 Most Expensive Marinas in the World

For those of you making your summer cruising plans, the Wealth Bulletin, an online news service addressing the global wealth-management industry, has just completed an analysis of the daily average rates at some of the most coveted marinas around the world. Of course, rates at these—and all—marinas vary by the length of the yacht and according to peak periods. Therefore, the Wealth Bulletin, in conjunction with Floating Life, used a 230-foot vessel as a sample size—230-feet is the maximum length some popular ports are able to accommodate. The index also excluded dates coinciding with film festivals, racing events, and other times of high demand.

The results are surprising, with the top three located in Italy. While that country has long been known for beautiful cruising grounds, its marinas aren’t as high-profile as those in other European ports.

Without further ado, here are the top five marinas:

1. Capri, Italy. The daily average fee here is nearly $4,000, which you can better appreciate when you hear that there are just 10 slips available for megayachts. With that in mind, plan on making your reservations months in advance. Capri is also one of the most luxurious vacation spots in the entire Mediterranean, making this marina even more desirable to passing boats.

2. Porto Cervo, Italy. Located on the island of Sardinia, Porto Cervo has been attracting ultra-high-net-worth individuals since the Aga Khan established it in the 1960s. The average daily fee here: about $3,400, with 60 berths available. If you want to dock at the exclusive Yacht Club Costa Smerelda in Sardinia, expect to pay an even larger sum, depending on season and whether a yachting regatta is in town.

3. Portofino, Italy. Picturesque, petite Portofino, which was originally a fishing village, has just six berths available for megayachts, costing about $3,200 apiece. This quiet respite is ideal for celebrities and royals looking for a quiet getaway.

4.  Ibiza Magna, Spain. Ibiza is renowned for its wild nightlife and for attracting the young and beautiful crowd. For someone wishing to partake in Ibiza’s tantric scene, Ibiza Magna’s dozen slips are available at a nightly rate of $3,140. Fair warning, however: the marina is packed during high season, and it charges much more for black-water disposal, garbage disposal, and other services that even a billionaire will blanche.

5. St. Tropez, France. Ever since Brigitte Bardot brought global fame to these beaches in the 1950s, St. Tropez has remained a millionaire’s playground. Thirty berths running an average of $1,775 ensure space for many aquatic heavy-hitters. A favorite pastime of yacht owners, and curious passerby is checking out the who’s who of docked boats. And St. Tropez’s location on the Cote d’Azur means it’s an easy day cruise to other popular spots.