RNR Restaurant Review

RNR Restaurant, opening up on the corner of trendy and trendier in Old Town Scottsdale, touts the idea of being a “neighborhood hangout” for Old Town scenesters. And while the place is fantastic, “neighborhood hangout” isn’t quite the feeling the patron gets while eating in this eye-catching new venue. They do somehow blend both meanings of their name though, as you feel both the Rock’n’Roll vibe as well as the ease of Rest’n’Relaxation while you’re inside the massive doors.

Les and Diane Corieri, masters of Old Town vibe with top clubs like Axis/Radius and Suede in their ownership list, have opened this new concept eatery with the intention of feeding everyone from the late-night crowd, mid-day lunchers, and early morning breakfast gatherers. The restaurant is open from 6:30 a.m. to 2 a.m., leaving us to wonder when their staff sleeps.

The RNR building itself is impressive, channeling the feeling of a two-story warehouse complete with a DJ spinning up top and tables lining both stories. Everything is decorated in a contemporary, industrial style while still maintaining enough comfort to enjoy your meal and company. Knowing that the owners have also owned such popular clubs in the area, their influences and touches become apparent to anyone who has frequented these places for years. From the similar two-story railing of Axis/Radius to the lighting and DJ mixes reminiscent of Suede, this restaurant gives an almost nostalgic feel for long-time Scottsdale goers, as well as the excitement of a new venue opening up. Newcomers and the emerging young crowd heading to this area for the first time will appreciate its sexy Scottsdale energy along with its prime location to the surrounding nightlife.

The menu at this brand-new spot is made up of American staples, but the application is all you would expect from an establishment in this location. The food tastes wonderful and the service bringing it is equally enjoyable. The Grilled Hangar Steak is mouth-wateringly good with its red wine infusion and the parmesan fries make you want to order seconds. Everyone from the wait staff to the bartenders to the hosts at the door are young, fun, and perky. The dining room managers are attentive to tables and the bar is a lively scene in the center of the floor. Each server has a “Rockstar” stamp on the back of their cute tank tops and each one lives up to that title, as they can be see bustling around the floor tirelessly all day and night.

RNR has a lot on its plate with its long hours, mix of food and bar, competitive location, and the ever-changing crowd in Old Town, but with seasoned owners such as the Corieris we can bet this spot will be around for awhile in it’s own trend-setting way.