Prohibition Has Returned to Wine Country

I am going to let all of you in on a little secret. You ready? OK here goes: when you pull up to Prohibition — The Speakeasy Wine Club, first take notice of its storefront retail space, which resembles a warehouse, and offers an array of different and unusual wine accessories and gifts. After you finish snooping around, locate the old telephone booth, step inside, go through the secret door, and get ready to enjoy some of the best wines, wine cocktails, and bootleg-style beers that California wine country has to offer.

Prohibition — The Speakeasy Wine Club is a place that a true wine aficionado must get acquainted with in order to enjoy a couple of glasses of award winning vintages from this famous region. Who knows, you might even leave with a couple of bottles or even cases of selects from Williams-Selyem, Dehlinger, George Wine, Rosenberg Estates, John Tyler, Deux Amis, Kistler, Copain, Halleck Vineyards, or J. Rickards Winery just to name a few.

The Speakeasy Wine Club, apart from offering a truly different twist on the typical wine bar, prides itself on offering its members premium award-winning wines on a monthly basis. Members could choose from either two bottles every two months or six bottles every six months. Members also receive discounts on stays at the Rosenberg’s Grape Leaf Inn and on wine reorders.

“We wanted to recreate the incognito speakeasies of the 1920s and the camaraderie people felt during the Prohibition era, yet incorporate an authentic wine country atmosphere into the experience,” says co-owner Richard Rosenberg.

“Recreate” is an understatement. Richard and Kae Rosenberg both had a clear vision when creating this unique atmosphere that most would not relate with wine. The decor offers a mix from the roaring 20s blended with contemporary design, along with Prohibition artifacts scattered on the walls. With 1920s jazz playing in the background, you could easily sit back sip your wine and relax in true Al Capone style, of course without it being illegal and all.

Next time you are out on the town and feel like taking in some rare, award-winning wine, make sure you make a stop by Prohibition. Remember keep this a secret, we can’t have just everybody coming, but you didn’t hear this from me.