Out of the Humidor: Padron Family Reserve No. 45

Often times today, we see brands created from thin air as “luxury” or “boutique”. But few have really earned that title through hard work and dedication to quality. Padron however deserves every bit of the success it is experiencing. The Padron family’s roots in tobacco began in the late 1800s in the famous Pinar del Rio region of Cuba.

Jose Orlando Padron arrived in Miami in 1962, receiving $60 per month as a Cuban refugee in Governmental aid. A friend gave him a small hammer, suggesting he put his carpentry skills to work. By 1964 Jose Orlando had saved $600 and opened Padron Cigars. The Padron company headquarters are still located in Miami’s Little Havana, and the small hammer lives in the headquarters as well, as a reminder of how it all began. Today it is still a family business, with patriarch Jose Orlando at the helm, and Jorge, Orlando, Rodolfo, Lisette and Elizabeth representing the younger generations. They consider their quality “a matter of family honor” according to Jorge.

They began making cigars for the local Miami market, but soon the Padron brand became sought after throughout the U.S. as a reasonably priced cigar for the every day guy. Over the years, the family has expanded their range of cigars only as resources permitted; never over extending themselves or rushing for the sake of simply releasing something new.  Their new products are well developed and deliberate.

Their most recent release, the Padron Family Reserve No. 45 is a perfect example. At 6″ X 52 Ring Gauge, this Nicaraguan puro delivers absolute finesse and elegance in a medium to full body. Available in both Natural and Maduro wrappers, it is box pressed and available in boxes of 10 cigars for $25.00 per cigar.  The classic flavors of coffee and cocoa are evident in both wrappers, however the Maduro offers a bit more sweetness whereas the Natural tends to embrace more of the spiciness.