Jerome Rousseau Debuts at Zainab

Last night at Zainab Sumu’s uber-chic, eponymous boutique on Melrose Ave, a star was born – well, not so much born as celebrated.  Jerome Rousseau, whose name will be on everyone’s lips come the fall, unveiled a collection of covetable shoes to be sold at Zainab.  The party was for an intimate, fashionable crowd all of whom agreed that Jerome’s shoes are the kind you buy to make men want you and women want to be you.

One pair of particularly sparkly booties have been making the magazine editorial circuit as of late, but there’s not one pair in the collection that you’d turn a blind eye to.  Rousseau attended the event with his seemingly signature humble charm – he was genuinely pleased whenever someone complimented his handiwork and asked of those who bought a pair or two to “wear them well.”

Whenever a new shoe designer comes along today, its hard not to think, “yes, these are beautiful, but do they have the staying power of il maestro, Mr. Louboutin?” Dare I say, yes, Jerome Rousseau does indeed.  His shoes fit into this longed for niche where shy women who blush at the thought of leopard print want to wear them and wild cats who wear red lipstick on a Monday morning at 9am want to wear them.  He’s struck gold – or perhaps we have.

Zainab boutique is located at 7021 Melrose Ave in Hollywood (323) 930-8951

Jerome Rousseau’s shoes can also be found online (with a list of other stockists) here.

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