Haute Timepieces: Glashütte Original Senator Diary Watch

Swatch Group’s finest offerings for 2010 are arguably from its German made Glashütte Original brand. A new complication in its perpetually fashionable Senator line is an alarm that can be set up to a month in advance. Typically, mechanical alarm watches only allow you to set the time of day for the alarm to ring, with a setting to switch the alarm on or off. The Senator Diary watch provides the ability to schedule a mechanical ring for reminders over greater periods of time. And while “Diary” may be a bit confusing, it is a more elegant title than “luxury watch with mechanical alarm that can be set up to one month in advance.” Such a complication has never been designed and produced before, which provides Glashütte Original the distinction of “world’s first.”

Given the complex mechanism in the watch, the dial is simple and straightforward in execution. Glashütte Original designers wished for the one-month alarm to be a function that was uncomplicated to use, and not merely an added function that might be frustrating to operate. The timepiece starts with a 31-day subdial that resembles a date indicator. A quick glance at the panorama big date window on the right of the case opposite the subdial helps alleviate confusion as to what the date indicator is used for. A small alarm function indicator window in the subdial further reminds the watch owner what the selector is for. Using the second crown on the case, you are able to select the time of day for the alarm to ring in the thin window revealing a time disc at the bottom of the case. There you can also choose the date for the alarm to go off. Ensure that the alarm is set to “on” when a small image of a bell appears in the indicator window, and the alarm is primed. The alarm also uses a separate winding function so that it does not draw excessive power from the movement—that would undermine the 55 hours of power reserve in the calibre.

Powering this novel alarm feature along with the time and date is an automatic in-house Glashütte Original made Calibre 100-13 movement that has over 600 parts. It is revealed through the sapphire caseback window so that you can see the highly hand-decorated movement and automatic rotor for a fuller appreciation of the mechanism. The watchcase is available in 18-karat red (light dial) or white gold (black dial) and is 42mm wide with 50 meters of water resistance. Red or white gold hands and hour indicators are matched on the classic, lovely to read dial. The timepiece is matched with a form-fitted alligator strap. Price is $18,100 in red gold. www.glashuette-original.com.

  1. 42mm wide 18k red or white gold case
  2. Alarm function indicator window
  3. Date for alarm to activate dial
  4. Time of date for alarm to active in 24 hour format window
  5. Big date indicator window

Ariel Adams is the Haute Living Watch Editor and also publishes the luxury watch review site aBlogtoRead.com.