Haute Highlights: The Best Coasts of the West Coast

Haute Living has a plethora of editorial content from our four regional editions that may be passing under your radar, and we don’t want that. We have so many gems hidden in our archives, so in addition to daily Haute 100 Updates, we will now be providing “Haute Highlights,” focusing on one article from a print edition that is worthy of your attention. To kick off this new program, Editorial Director Stephanie Wilson highlighted director of winemaking at Robert Mondavi Vineyards Genevieve Janssen’s recent Haute Ambassador column; and we last left off highlighting fellow Haute contributor Christopher Garland’s article, “A Course in Design,” leaving us practically breathless over some of the best golf courses.

Today, in celebration of boating season’s long-awaited arrival, we’ll be highlighting contributor Monique Stringfellow’s piece on the best marinas on the west coast (a.k.a. boating central). Though the “The Best of the West” originally ran in May of 2009, these marinas still reign best in the world of boating. Stringfellow writes about the Pacific Ocean being the largest body of water in the world and that as such, it gives its sailors plenty of space for their yachts to roam freely. She also mentions the rapid growth in the yacht-building trend, causing shipyards to build more yachts than fishing boats. She states here:

“Demand from Silicon Valley moguls, business owners, and athletes has been the engine driving the yachting industry forward, particularly during the last 10 to 15 years. A number of shipyards that began as the construction sites for fishing boats now devote their energies to building yachts. In fact, North America’s largest constructor of yachts, Westport Shipyards, is located in the former fishing village of Westport, about 130 miles from Seattle.”

Ready to weigh anchor and head out to sea? Not so fast. Read the full article for some valuable information on where to set sail.