Eclipse Facing Fierce Competition from A

Remember that tiny little boat Roman Abramovich decided to make? Eclipse, we believe it’s called? Well, it seems as though an intense “my-boat-is-better-than-yours” competition from fellow banking heir Andrey Melnichenko is commencing. Heck, it’s so fierce, Melnichenko gave it a one-letter name.

The ostentatiously named A is a 394-foot bomb-proof money-eater, according to Gawker. It cost so much to build, it’s already put two companies out of businesses (possibly a third). Though A is smaller in terms of size, the amenities included undoubtedly overcompensate for it (hmm, seems to be a common theme here).

Amenities on A includes 44 millimeter bomb-proof glass, Baccarat tables, a rotating king-size bed and a special room for the ladies (yes, that’s plural) in his life; and those are just a few of the features. For example, the swinging transom door at the rear of the vessel transforms into a swim deck and costs $25 million to make. How, you’re wondering? According to The Journal, sheer amount of, “hydraulics, locking pins, rotating stairs and electronics,” give the door alone its hefty price tag. So the mystery of companies going bankrupt to build this thing isn’t such a mystery after all.

Fellow billionaire Roman Abramovich’s Eclipse is set to launch soon. The megayacht, which is featured in our “Five Hautest Toys in the World” list, comes with your run-of-the-mill swimming pools and helipads. What sets it apart, however, is its rather ingenious add-on: a laser shield that searches its environment for photogs and sends out a blinding flash, consequently ruining the pap’s shot. It’s no A in terms of price, but it is worth an impressive $1.2 billion.

Fellow haute extraordinaires, take note: let these luxe lovers show you how living the good life is done. And feel free to invite us on board when your money-eating megayacht launches out to sail the open seas.