Cool by Name and Reputation: The Only Way to Get a Custom Golf Fit

A great golf game depends on many factors that you cannot control: weather, wind, course, and your level of frustration as the day goes on. One thing you can control is your set of clubs, and the only way to ensure the optimal choice is to be fitted for a custom set. Thank goodness here in Scottsdale we have the luxury of stopping in at the state-of-the-art custom design showroom at Cool Clubs.

The entire studio was specifically created for outfitting golfers, and it comes with a plethora of machines, computers, and various technological resources to fit each client that comes through the doors. Golf clubs change and improve at a fast pace—this is a fact—but since Cool Clubs is not a brand nor brand representative, they have the ability to go through all names, styles, and types of clubs available, finding the absolute perfect version for each patron. Its goal is the golfer, not the brand sales, and the results are guaranteed to show in your swing.

The process by which one is fitted is quite an amazing technical feat. It offers both indoor and outdoor fittings, measuring everything from swing dynamics to reach to arm length and strength. To say Cool Clubs is thorough is to say Vera Wang kind of likes weddings. They are beyond thorough, calculating everything that can possibly be measured in terms of your golf game, sorting through an amazing stock, and selecting the most complementary set of clubs one could possibly hope for.

The services at Cool Clubs used to be reserved for pros, and a privilege of the elite golfers, but now the technology and staff are available to all at the Scottsdale locale, or through their site at the TPC. Working with the TPC, and hosting packages including a fitting and a round at the Fairmont Princess Stadium Course, Cool Clubs is a force on the Arizona golf scene. Mark Timms founded the company with one goal: to improve people’s golf games. The only trouble with Cool Clubs is that after they find your soulmate of all golf clubs, you really won’t have many excuses left for a poor result on the course. At least the wind can’t be optimized and is always an easy blame. Until Cool Clubs figures that out too, of course, in which case feel free to blame your caddy.