Atreides Luxury Yacht: a Haute new Level in Yachting

Lo and behold, yachting enthusiasts: a bar-raising superyacht is making new waves. As yachts get more spacious and pile on new features, Serbian designer Vuk Dragovic has taken yacht concepts to a whole new level by creating the Atreides concept luxury yacht. What makes this model so special? Its retractable pool for water sports of your choice.

This unique feature also provides safety for when treading in ominously dark waters, while still allowing you to swim with the fishes, so to speak; the retractable pool contains a transparent bottom. The yacht design also gives an ambiance of superior performance and speed with its sharp bow and natural curving lines while still dedicating itself to ultimate luxury.

It seems as though the lucky retailers of this yacht is Heffernan Shipping, the leading yacht brokers situated in Spain’s Puerto Banus, a world-famous haute spot. Heffernan is a certified Falcon Yacht retailer with more than a quarter century of experience in brokerage for boats, boat management, insurance, guardienage, berths for sale and rent and maintenance; in other words, the complete yachting or boating package.

The Atreides certainly has the whole package. After all, you can’t put a price on superior luxury, performance, safety and fun all in one beautiful package.

Source Superyacht Times and Heffernan Shipping