75th Anniversary of Jack Purcell

Converse connoisseurs gathered at the Jane Hotel last night to commemorate the 75th anniversary of the iconic shoe designed by legendary badminton player, Jack Purcell. Those in attendance for this festive celebration included Robert Verdi, Ali Weiss, Cator Sparks, Cory Kennedy, and Hanuk Hanuk. Guests sipped on specialty cocktails and listened to the grooves of DJ Shadi as they enjoyed an intimate setting while conversing about their love for the shoe brand.

In honor of Jack Purcell, several guests arrived adorned in badminton-inspired outfits accessorized with headbands and rackets. The decor followed suit as Foosball tables were set up and walls were covered in Jack Purcell sneakers. This shoe design will always remain a signature model for the brand although it has been updated to include various colors and patterns such as plaid, sequins, and more.

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