What’s Next for Apple Inc.

Apple Inc. has unquestionably revolutionized the technology world. The iPod changed the way we listen to music, the iPhone changed the way we connect with each other, and the iPad (the newest addition to the Apple family) is changing the way we use computers.  So what’s next for Apple?

This morning, Apple announced plans to bring the iPhone operating system to more devices, as well as plans to bring touch screen technology to both HD TVs and iMac’s.

The touch screen technology that so many Apple devices utilize will soon be used in just about every future device they create.  To give you a better understanding, here is a look at Apple’s future plans.

The first, and maybe the coolest new technology Apple will introduce comes in the form of a web-connected TV that allows people to download, watch, and control programs (including the much anticipated 3-D programs) with the swipe of a finger.

Apple also has plans to implement touch screen technology in the iMac. That’s right all you desktop lovers, Apple plans on producing touch screen iMac’s sometime in the not too distant future.  Imagine being able to sit behind your desktop and control everything with your hands kind of like Tom Cruise’s character did in the movie Minority Report. Pretty cool if you ask us.

One more thing, Apple is working on new facial recognition technology that might very well replace the outdated password security systems that now exists on all personal computers. The idea behind this technology is to produce a software program that can recognize and remember shapes, (like your face) and then use that data to implement computer security measures. This means that the days of forgetting passwords might soon be over.  Instead, your face is your password. And if you forget that, well, you have issues my friend. Serious issues.

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