Warehouse Relic Turns Into Private Hot Spot

Remember that old warehouse on 717 Battery St. at Pacific Avenue? If you’ve ever wondered whatever happened to the ancient installation, wonder no more, because word is that the old three-story building will be turned into a swanky new private club in the (very) near future.

Bebo, a British social networking site, recently bought the famous L-shaped building and is planning to turn the super-oldie warehouse into a hot private club that will include a pool, a restaurant, and even a newly constructed fourth floor for a penthouse.

It cost Bebo about $850 million to buy the grand structure in 2008 and they’re planning on dropping $15 million to reconstruct it, reinforce it, and any other re- word you can think of.

The Musto Building was originally constructed to replace a marble workshop that was destroyed back 1906 because of an earthquake and a fire. Later, in 1907 the Musto was built and throughout the years it was used by a bunch of companies until 1969.

It had been kind of deserted before Bebo suddenly decided to take interest in it, but their plans for the new Financial District private club are looking pretty sweet. They’re scheduled to turn the basement into a pool and a health club venue.

The ground floor will be used as a lounge and restaurant that might be open to the general public. And the famously recognizable outside area will be called the Musto Plaza, used for customers to enjoy some fresh air and spectacular views of the city.

But, before all of this luxurious expanding can even begin, the San Fran city is ordering Bebo to reinforce the installations, as they’re not considered safe by the San Francisco Planning Department.

As soon as all the permits are done, this bad boy will be on its way to being the No. 1 private hot spot in town.