Top Five Most Expensive Burgers in The World

It was only a matter of time before top chefs turned America’s favorite junk food into gourmet creations with price tags that could feed a small country. Here is a list of the top five most expensive burgers in the world.

The DB Royale – $120

A seasonal and quite rich variation of the classic burger, Chef Daniel Bouloud turns this burger into French decadence with the DB Royale. Only available from December through the end of March, this awesome burger can be found at DB Bistro Moderne in New York City and the Daniel Bouloud Brasserie in Las Vegas.

This succulent sandwich is made with ground beef and stuffed with red wine-braised short ribs, foie gras, a mix of root vegetables, and preserved black truffles. Then everything is packed between a homemade toasted Parmesan and poppy seed bun. Also added is a little touch of fresh horseradish, oven roasted tomato confit, fresh tomato, red onions, and frisee lettuce. Top it off with fresh black truffles and voila, number five on our list.