The Exploding Girl: A Study in Subtlety

New York is arguably the epicenter of creativity in modern-day culture. From fashion to finance to film, we are in the heart of where inspiration is born and translated to the rest of the world. Access to creative genius abounds, and Thursday night, March 11, was no exception.

The Supper Club New York held a private and intimate screening of The Exploding Girl at the Tribeca Grand Hotel, where lead actress Zoe Kazan was present with her beau, actor Paul Dano (There Will Be Blood, Little Miss Sunshine), along with writer/director Bradley Rust Gray.

Zoe Kazan, granddaughter of Elia, stars in this very moving portrayal of a girl coming of age and coming to terms with her emotions.

New York City also plays a role as the backdrop of this story, which is narrated through subtle metaphors and images, as well as close-ups of Zoe Kazan’s sweet face, which reads like an open book. In this film, family is depicted as unreliable and friendship prevails. It is shot in a voyeuristic way with a meditative feel.

We all enjoyed hors d’oeuvres, cocktails, and The Velvet Devil Merlot at an intimate reception following the screening where conversation included the message of the film and the actors’ performances.

The Exploding Girl is a rare gem of a film, and not to be missed; head over to the Landmark Sunshine Cinema to view the next showing!