Spring Into Flowers

She may have started out her life in Montreal, but today Marie-Lise Lachapelle is a thriving New York City jewelry designer. Her career passions have been many, including as an actress and also as a stylist. It actually wasn’t that far of a reach from working as a stylist in 2003 to then introducing clients to some of her most unique pieces. She gained enough favored attention from celebrity clients that she was able to launch her own line in 2005.

Her collections include artistically innovative necklaces, bracelets, hairpieces, pins, bangles, and earrings that range from her signature floral pieces (made of real flowers like orchids, pansies, roses, leaves that have been preserved and covered in lacquer, gold, and/or silver), to multi-layered chain necklaces, charged crystals (that are charged with special electromagnetic energy which improves circulation in your body), and real elements from the ocean like gold-covered preserved seahorses, shells, and coral.

The prices range from $150-$1200 for the pieces and all are customizable, allowing you to get creative with the settings, using anything from silver to gold, white gold, and even diamonds in each design. The haute lady likes a style to call her own.

Check out more of her whimsical creations at MarieLiseLachapelle.com