Posh Nail Spa: For Your Head-to-Toenail Makeover

Let’s face it: your fingers and footsies could use some work. That cold winter air wreaks havoc on skin, and you can’t go from boots to beach with those calloused heels. Enter Posh Nail Spa, the chic new locale in Uptown Dallas that provides all the usual nail salon services and boasts a slew of extras that are sure to leave you relaxed and refined. The signature mani/pedis are second to none, featuring exfoliation masks, paraffin wax treatments and a hot stone massage on legs and feet (I felt sincere guilt putting my heels back on—it’s hard to go from foot tantra to torture.) You’ll even get a mini neck massage along with your manicure, but for a full-length Swedish massage (up to 90 minutes) look no further—Posh offers those as well. Then there is of course the list of facials, waxing, even eyelash extensions and tinting, all available at recessionista prices.

The true star of the show, however, is the OPI Axxium nail gel. Posh Nail Spa is the only place in town shelling out the stuff, and personally, I’m in love. Axxium goes on like a polish and offers extreme longevity (up to three weeks without chipping), making the whole acrylic drill-and-paste process passé. As a moonlighting bartendress, I didn’t hesitate to put the gel to the ultimate test—and, just as advertised, my nails remained gloriously chip-free through the most harrowing of drink-slinging activities. So, where are you going for your head-to-toe spring makeover? You nailed it.

Posh Nail Spa is located at 3501 McKinney Ave., Ste B, in Dallas, TX. 214.219.7674