Peter Garland’s Bar Next Door: Porta Via’s New Bar Room

It’s times like these when we really wish we could pinch Peter Garland’s cheeks and say, “Our little baby is growing up!”  We Angelenos have watched his Beverly Hills restaurant, Porta Via, go from little neighborhood spot peddling delicious sandwiches and competing with heavyweights like Enoteca Drago and Il Pastaio to its left and La Scala and Il Tramezzino to the right to an expanded, beautiful dining room with a covetable al fresco area and now the new Bar Room.  We couldn’t be more proud, Pete – you stood up to those Drago bullies and the ladies who lunch at La Scala and made a place for Porta Via under the sun.

Okay, we’re getting a little dramatic, but it’s worth the excitement.  The Bar Room is adjacent to Porta Via on Canon Drive and offers cocktails, beers, and wine alongside small plates inspired by the restaurant’s menu next door. There are two rooms inside and a covered outdoor courtyard, all with a dark and lush décor.  Wild reds and muted browns abound in the space designed by Garland’s wife Jill who owns V Vintage jewelry shop across the street.  No wonder it looks like the inside of a jewelry box in there.

As if this all weren’t enough of an incentive, between now and April 15, The Bar Room is offering half priced drinks and free appetizers between 5-8pm for Happy Hour.  Peter Garland’s on his way to becoming Canon Drive’s new favorite upperclassman.

Porta Via’s The Bar Room is located at 424 N. Canon Drive in Beverly Hills (310) 274-6534