Miami International Fashion Week Reveals Top-Secret Dress

On March 20, 2010, world-renowned designer and Beirut-based Jad Ghandour will reveal his secret couture creation during Miami International Fashion Week.

This  $1.5 million gown features 18-karat gold and cutting-edge technology that allows the dress to feel light while maintaining its elegant and extravagant appeal.  This dress has been talked about in fashion circles for some time, but with limited information available, it seems that fashion fanatics will simply have to wait for what’s gonna go down in Miami on March 20 to see it for themselves.

Although the dress’s design includes lavish stones and metals, the design team behind this project maintained a couture look and strayed away from a design that would make the dress seem like a novelty.  “Our aim wasn’t to just throw diamonds and gold together and call it a ‘diamond gown,’” they explain. “We wanted to create a masterpiece – a gown that would highlight the finest materials without looking overwrought and costume-y.  The resulting gown looks nothing short of dazzling – each detail complements one another perfectly.”

This is surely to be a highlight of Miami International Fashion Week, an event that attracts our always-chic-and-trendy Miami audience.  Tickets are only $25 to $35 per fashion show, and culinary Arts Pavilion admission is $25 each night.