Le Colonial and The Promotion Factory Partner for a Good Cause

New York’s own Xuan Pham, Executive Chef of Le Colonial, is hosting a benefit for SSUSA (Street Soccer USA), a non-profit organization that helps homeless individuals 15 years or older get off the streets and into stability.

Chef Pham pounced on the opportunity to help this organization and its cause. Born and raised in Saigon, she is accustomed to the sadness of poverty and illness.  Her plan is to provide members of SSUSA, as well as guests, with simple meals that provide the nutrition needed for healthy living.

The event will take place March 16, 2010 at Le Colonial’s upstairs lounge. During the benefit,  SSUSA will debut its new ad campaign, “I play for… self respect, empowerment, dignity, belonging,” etc., featuring professional portraits of some of SUSSA’s current players.

Several members of the organization, as well as guests and supporters, will be on hand to enjoy a menu of delicacies and drinks.  All attendees will intermingle and share stories of struggle, success, and of course, soccer.

SSUSA is a strong presence in the community, and the organization has managed to aid several individuals in improving their everyday life. In fact, an estimated 75 percent of SSUSA’s players make it off the streets within a year.

This successful organization already boasts 16 soccer teams throughout the U.S. and provides a wide range of services for their players.  SSUSA explains that without the love and support of participating communities, the task would much larger.  Lawrence Cann, founder of the organization explains, “You can’t underestimate the affirmation and self confidence our players derive from this kind of community support.”