Karl Lagerfeld Creates a Winter Wonderland for Paris Fashion Week Chanel Show

Anyone lucky enough to receive an invitation to Chanel’s autumn/winter show during Paris Fashion Week was most likely already familiar with Lagerfeld’s innovative, iconic, and unusual style; and the inclusion of a polar bear on the invitation was probably a good hint that the show would be something fresh and creative. And indeed it was.

Taking inspiration from the beautiful Paris winter, as well as his love of snow and ice, Lagerfeld sent models down the runway amidst puddles of melted ice and sheets of giant glaciers, to the background sounds of howling winds. Models with bouffant hair and pale skin were swathed in giant fur boots and coats, with accents of black fur hems, cuffs, and stole collars.

Lagerfeld sent fur minis and even fur pants down the runway paired with classic Chanel tweeds, as well as knee high fur boots that would keep even an Alaskan fashionista’s feet warm. In addition to the fur, (all you PETA supporters out there, don’t worry—everything was high-quality fake!) the show included tweed ensembles with tattered edges, and chunky knits with details calling to mind Scandanavian traditional costume. And finally, there was the fragile crystal jewelry reminiscent of icicles that adorned the necklines and hung from the hems of the party dresses. Once again Lagerfeld has taken high fashion and added his own twist, making many a fashionista ready for a jaunt to the North Pole, or maybe, perhaps, just Paris?

Winter Wonderland