In a Boy’s Dream

Every boy shares the dream of one day owning a luxury sports car. And one of the most rewarding moments in a man’s life happens on the day he gets to make that dream a reality.

Now most of you haute readers know all to well what that day is like.  Let us recall for a moment the feeling of prideful excitement, achievement, accomplishment, and self-worth that ran through your body the moment you were handed the keys. Or the feeling of freedom that overwhelmed your senses as you unleashed all the hidden horses under the hood for the first time.

Now maybe you bought your first luxury sports cars years ago, and maybe you’ve purchased several more since. But no matter how many luxury cars you’ll ever own, it is difficult to find one that makes you feel even remotely close to the way you felt on the day you bought the first.

Rarely we discover a car that brings us back to that childhood dream, a car that takes us back to those feelings. And when a car like that is found, well, you can’t keep it to yourself. Your boyish side wants to share it with all the other man-children who once shared the same dream you did.  So share we should, and share we shall. Haute Living Magazine proudly presents the 2010 Ferrari California. It’s like realizing the dream all over again.

The 2010 Ferrari California