Hermès Redefines Luxury by Expanding their Product Line

Hermès, famous for its leather products such as the Birkin Bag, is expanding their already diverse product line.

Already with 17 different departments which offer an array of luxury goods like handbags, men and women’s clothing, perfume, jewelry, and more is partnering up with companies like Eurocopter and the Wally Yachts to offer customers an entire new spin on luxury.

Among the products that Hermès will offer include a $7.6 million helicopter, $2.1 million car, and a $109 million yacht.

This isn’t your typical product expansion initiative. Hermès really wants to give customers the experience that captures, yet reinvents the true meaning of luxury.

Pierre-Alexis Dumas, 43, artistic director of the Hermès empire, stated that he has a passion for working on large scale designs.

Previous to the current product expansion, the biggest project for the company had been the development of the Hermès suitcase.

Hermès, alongside Eurocopter, does not intend on mass producing these high end helicopters instead they plan putting all their efforts into its quality.

“We are not into volume…It’s the level of quality,” said Dumas in an interview with Alexandra A. Seno, a writer based in Hong Kong.

According to Dumas, the company has delivered two helicopters and has six pending orders.

Hermès, along with the Wally Company, is also producing yachts that range anywhere from $109 million to $150 million dollars and are 183 feet long.

These oddly shaped yachts are built so that the vessel would travel relatively slow, because, according to Dumas, “Speed is so passe.”

Another important factor in Dumas’s view on this new luxury revolution is the products overall functionality.

Motivated by the saying, “Luxury is what you can repair” told to him by his grandfather, Dumas believes that in order to deliver an exceptional product the person producing it must take their time and slow down.

The Hermès company is really setting the bar for other luxury brands and will continue to research and expand its line to an entirely new level.