Greg Norman’s Rollercoaster Prices

If it doesn’t sell the first time, shame on you. But, if it doesn’t sell the second (or third time), shame on me. That’s probably what renowned golfer Greg Norman is thinking right now as he just put his Jupiter Island home on the market…again.

The $65 million mansion is up for sale for the fourth time since he first put it on the market for the same price. But so far, this golfer hasn’t had any luck selling the pricey pad, which The Huffington Post recently ranked as one of the nine “most expensive homes on the market.”

The rollercoaster of prices first started when he put his home for sale for $65 million. Then, a year later, he changed the price to $47.5 million, then went back up to $60 million in November and now it’s back to…you guessed it…$65 million. If you want to be the new proud owner of this un-sell-a-able house, prepare your wallet for the hit that it will take, for the monthly payments are about $271,787.

With the prices swinging up and down like that, I wouldn’t be surprise if the famous golfer is suffering from whiplash.

But, I guess if you want to live the haute lifestyle, a house like this one wouldn’t be a bad decision at all. On the contrary, it’d put you on the map as one wealthy homeowner. Plus, it’d give you access to a slew of famous neighbors such as Celine Dion, Tiger Woods, and Yankee Candle Co. founder Michael Kittredge.

Norman bought the house back in 1991 for $4.5 million with his then wife Laura Andrassy. But, maybe it was too big for them. The property includes a four-bedroom home, two-bedroom guesthouses (yes, houses), a gigantic garage for 17 cars, a tennis court, a pool and a whole bunch of other stuff.

Plus, the main house overlooks the intercostals. Nice view, huh?

And if you’re wondering where you’ve seen or heard of this house before, well then, hop on your traveling machine and go back to 1997 when former President Bill Clinton injured his knee at the now infamous mansion.