Casa Tua Adds A Grocery Store

The romantic and picturesque Casa Tua is adding a specialty grocery store to its restaurant.  No more waiting for reservations. Now you’ll be able to bring Casa Tua home.

Let’s face it, when it comes to upscale dining, Miami has an endless array of options. The success of the Italian restaurant Casa Tua, can arguably take the prize for one of South Beach’s most romantic places to dine. And with the addition of a grocery store, it is sure to be a one-stop shop for Italian fare.

Cuccina will also include a deli, pre-made items, and those signature dishes we all love. Plus it will be housed inside Casa Tua encompassing that signature Casa Tua elegance. Everything is still in the works, so details are limited as of now.

Casa Tua has become a favorite local sanctuary away from the bustling energy of Miami.