Artistic Perfection: Haute 5 Art Galleries in San Francisco

It seems like every week a new art gallery is opening up somewhere making it difficult to determine which galleries are truly worth going to.  Taste in art is subjective, we know, but anyone who appreciates masterful works can agree that today’s Haute 5 list provides our readers a lingual map to some of most exquisite pieces of art man has ever know. In short, all it takes to enjoy these five galleries is a little time and an appreciation for the finer things in life.

San Francisco Museum of Modern Art

SFMOMA houses more than 26,000 works, and stands as a truly unique and dynamic art center. With strong holdings in painting, photography, architecture, sculpture, and design, there is something for everyone. Founded in 1935, SFMOMA was the first museum on the West Coast to devote much of its floor and wall space to modern and contemporary art. The museum always has a variety of special exhibitions on display for you to enjoy, but the schedule changes frequently, so be sure to hop on their website from time to time to make sure you don’t miss a thing.

151 Third St. (between Mission & Howard), San Francisco, CA 94103