What’s It Like To Intern For Haute Living?

Listen up journalism students: if your professors haven’t yet filled you in on what life is really like as a member of the media, let us share with you some of the details.

Pro: invites to exclusive events filled with celebrities and Champagne

Con: you will be working late and on weekends and won’t be available to attend

Pro: seeing your name in print

Con: seeing your typos make it past the proofreaders and appear in print under your name

Pro: mastery of the English language

Con: frustration with others who use poor grammar

Pro: media colleagues are generally super fun and way cool

Con: they are the only people you will see during deadlines

If all of this sounds too tempting to resist, we’d love to christen you by fire with no pay and tough deadlines. However, we are offering college credit, the opportunity to pick our brains about everything related to writing about the luxury lifestyle, and the prestige of adding Haute Living clips to your portfolio.

Haute Living is looking for interns who have a passion for turning in error-free, creative copy that will make the editors laugh out loud and prove to the readers why they love Haute Living.

Interns interested in learning about why journalists are sometimes called sadomasochists should send resume and writing samples to editor@hauteliving.com.