We’re Freaking Over Faustina

We’ve been given a sneak peek of Faustina, Scott Conant’s new Cooper Square hotel restaurant and one thing’s for sure; we definitely like what we see. The restaurant opens on Friday and one glimpse of the menu and décor is likely going to have you trying to make a reservation as soon as you finish reading this.

Honeycomb columns, mirrored panels, and delicate, soft lighting makes for a very chill atmosphere to fully enjoy your Faustina dining experience. The former downstairs bar is turning into a 45-seat, quaint café and espresso bar. Conant added a see-through glass wine wall to display the plethora of primo vinos. The dozen or so high-top tables can be used as seating for the restaurant’s lunch and dinner menu, but the more laid-back seating area is mainly for the delicious, more traditional Italian breakfast menu. The outdoor seating area, which will be opening sometime in the spring, will take on a very tropical St. Tropez feel. Expect lush, green hedges to be beautifully strategically placed so that the surrounding streets are hidden from view in order to enjoy your tropical haven. A cocktail bar will also open on the second floor bar, perfect for no-fuss, low-key drinks after work or play. And the hotel’s phenomenal penthouse suite will also be available for events to be hosted by Conant and his culinary team. Sounds wonderful, right? Well the menu is even better. Though it is certainly Italian-influenced, not all dishes are your typical pasta and marinara or prosciutto-wrapped melon stint. Faustina offers scallops, spare ribs, and even trite, something for just about anyone with any taste. Most dishes average at around $13 a plate and are meant to be split between a few enthusiastic diners. Be sure to take a look at their specialty burger though, as it will be topped with taleggio cheese, a mixture of caramelized onions, and pickled mustard seeds on a potato bun. Sounds like Conant’s new restaurant endeavor will be a huge success. Only one more day to go until we can judge for ourselves!